Hemp Protein Powder: Four Health Benefits

hemp protein powder


As protein powders become more and more popular among athletes, bodybuilders, and people trying to gain weight, the food industry is working round the clock to create powders catering to vegans. Hemp protein powder is one such protein source that can easily replace the current shelf of protein powder products. With its nutty and earthy taste, it brings all the nine essential amino acids and a variety of healthy nutrients. Let’s find out more about hemp powder, shall we?

Is hemp protein a superfood?

Hemp protein powder is certainly a vegan superfood and a very reliable one and one of the best superfood powders. It has all the critical nutrients and food components a healthy body needs such as antioxidants, proteins, minerals, fibers, unsaturated fats, and more. Indeed, it doesn’t contain the amount of protein Soy or Pea has. But, hemp protein powder does present consumers with a healthier protein option. Being an ideal plant-based protein source, hemp protein is an excellent option for morally and ethically conscious people or someone trying to cut down on meat consumption.

What are the health benefits of hemp protein powder?

Now that you are well-acquainted with hemp protein powder, let’s dive deeper and discuss the health benefits it brings to the table. Here are the health benefits of hemp protein powder.

1. Hemp protein is easy to digest

Although plant-based proteins are hard to digest, research shows that protein made from ground hemp seeds delivers 91-98 percent digestion! This essentially means that the amino acids present in hemp protein can easily break down and boost critical bodily functions. However, heat processing can reduce its digestibility. We suggest you look for cold-pressed hemp protein instead.

2. Unusual taste and texture

Indeed, this protein powder doesn’t offer much refinement in taste or texture like other protein powders on the market. But, it sure brings something new with its slightly grittier texture and earthy taste. Some people also claim its taste to be somewhat grassy or nutty. The powder is brownish-green in color and blends well with smoothies and shakes.

3. High fiber concentration

Fiber is a crucial element of our diet as it not only reduces the risk of bowel cancer but also helps regulate blood sugar levels and ensure a healthy level of gut bacteria. Hemp protein powder can ensure a healthy level of fiber in the body, which keeps you feeling fuller for a long time and prevents obesity. It provides 8 grams of fiber per serving.

4. Adds minerals and antioxidants to diet

Minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, and others make a significant percentage of hemp protein powder. Most importantly, processing the hemp seeds has no impact on the levels of these nutrients. Hemp protein products offer up to 80 percent of the RDI for magnesium and 52 percent for iron per serving. It keeps the body from oxidative damage and ensures a healthy heart.

Final thoughts!

Although hemp protein powder consumption is quite safe for all people, we suggest you consult a physician before adding it to your diet. There can be potential side effects like gas, bloating, or even diarrhea if you neglect the amount of consumption. Hemp powder is a complete protein source that is incredibly nutritious. We certainly will know about its other health benefits as more research and reports come out in near future.